God Save The Queen

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London, England is one of the most iconic cities around the globe. If you haven’t heard of London then that’s your bad not because it’s not famous enough. Being England’s capital and where the Queen of England lives it’s one of the most visited cities in the world. Although you might want to hurry up before Brexit is finalized as it’ll likely be tougher to get into.

One of the most iconic sights in London is The London Eye which is a huge riverside observation wheel. It doesn’t really spin but the wheels round to 135 meters above the ground and you can see some pretty incredible views from up there. There are also special offers for romantic couples where you can book two trips on the same day: one early in the morning and the other being at dusk.

The tallest building in Western Europe is The Shard. It lets you look at the city from 244 meters above ground level. It gives you an incredible view of the city’s skyline and rooftops and is considered an iconic building and London landmark. If you’re into theatre make sure to hit the National Theatre and specifically the production of Sweeney Todd is rumored to be incredible. You can also visit the Globe and experience theatre Elizabethan style.

London’s biggest and most famous Wembley stadium is also not to be missed. Wembley hosts major local cup finals every year as well as hosting two in the last 5 years. It’s an iconic stadium that has been entirely rebuilt recently. It is also the English National Team’s home stadium and you can even visit their dressing rooms and walk down the tunnels just like you were a player there. For the 2017-2018 season it will be home to local team Tottenham Hotspur as they get ready to move to a new stadium they’re building. This gives you more opportunities to visit this great stadium as Tottenham play almost twice a week for most of the year as opposed to the English National team and cup finals where are only 5-6 events throughout the year.

If you’re into tennis then it’s best that you go in late June in order to witness Wimbledon take place. Wimbledon is one of the world’s biggest tennis tournaments and is played on grass. The king of the competition is Roger Federer who has made a recent comeback from a serious injury as is almost back to his incredible best.

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